Parque Tecnológico, C/ Louis Pasteur, Nº 2 46980 Paterna Valencia

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Vayoil Textil is a Company founded in 1995 with a clear vision of being the best textile lingerie supplier for the high-end hotel industry, in terms of service quality, product and innovation.

Our product is the comprehensive equipment of lingerie for hotels such a bathroom linen, bedroom linen, including textiles for restaurants as well. We are manufacturing specialists in lingerie for all these sectors, and we develop our fabrics in many different qualities and designs to obtain a customized product for our client, in order to satisfy their highest demands.

The vast knowledge in manufacturing and production process, from the creation of fabrics to the final manufacture, provide us the capacity for effective innovation and support to the supplies. Adding our expertise of the product and our client orientation makes our company capable of responding to any kind of demand. Besides, we are strongly committed with the environment. We have the OKO TEX certification and OCS, RCS, GOTS as well, which applies to the products of recycled material and natural fibers.

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