Pol. Ind. Can Cuiàs, C/ Can Cuiàs, Nº 80 08110 Montcada I Reixac Barcelona

34 93 5151415


Sayl Barcelona is a benchmark manufacturer of refrigerated, hot and neutral display cabinets, it has a portfolio of more than 500 display cabinet models and a long and recognized track record in the sector.

– Our master lines are based on creating true value for the restaurateur, promoting the sale of their products through elements that enhance both the beauty of the product and its conservation.

– Advise, guide and work together with our clients, is the backbone of Sayl, our greatest ambition is that anyone who interacts with us is happy with their choice, that is why talent, transparency, humility and a vocation for service are the common denominator factor of the multidisciplinary team that we form.

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