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SAMMIC is a group of companies whose activity is centred on the development, manufacture and commercialisation of Equipment for Catering and Hotel, Licensed Trade, and Food Industries. Founded in 1961 by local business people, the company began its activity as a manufacturer of equipment for dynamic food preparation. Over time, Sammic’s offer has widened, and today supplies an extensive product range:

. Ware Washing . Dynamic Food Preparation and Food Preservation . Static Preparation and Distribution . Ice Makers . Snack-bar, pizzerias

In Sammic we pay attention to market needs and work with the aim of satisfying them, always following the highest quality standards. Our R&D department works in close cooperation with one of the most prestigious Chefs, 7-Michelini-Star-Chef Martin Berasategui, and Sammic products are tested in his kitchen, one of the most demanding ones in the world. The SAMMIC group is aware of the fact that the social and cultural changes that are taking place in the world are revolutionising sector habits and works enthusiastically to satisfy new necessities that are arising as a consequence of these transformations.

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