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Quality Espresso, S.A. manufactures in Barcelona (Spain), in one of the largest coffee machine factories in the world, the most complete range of professional Espresso Coffee Machines, sold in more than 50 countries all over the world. With a strong presence and market share of almost 50%, it is the undisputed leader of the national market, with reputed brands as GAGGIA, FUTURMAT, MAIRALI and ITALCREM, some of which have been present in the market for 50 years. An extensive network of branches throughout the whole of Spain, ready to offer a complete, efficient and professional technical service to all the Spanish communities, along with the excellent quality and advanced technology of all its products. This along with the image of a great prestigious name, are just a few of the reasons that allow the QUALITY ESPRESSO to have a privileged position within the national market. As a result, this company continually works in the development of new and improved products, and is currently developing a new generation of electronic machines, totally automatic and aimed at the domestic and semi-industrial field. It aims to meet the demands of the future, not only to maintain, but to improve on, even the leading companies of the national market, and at the same time establish export markets as the level of coffee consumption in various areas dictates

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