Pol. Ind. Las Merindades, Avda. Castilla Y Leon 09550 Villarcayo Burgos

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OSCAR ZARZOSA is highly specialised in the design and manufacturing of refrigerators for the commercial market.

The manufacturing techniques used fulfil the most demanding international guidelines for quality and safety. We are business that ensures the good output, high quality, and functionality of is products, as well as the durability needed by the most demanding professionals.

OSCAR ZARZOSA refrigerators are made of stainless steel. Our research, development, and design departments pay great attention to the finishes so that the products fulfil all the existing guidelines as to hygiene and so that they can be cleaned easily and completely. The safety and feasibility of our products is guaranteed by quality controls and the selection of the best electric and electronic components.

Here at OSCAR ZARZOSA we have always taken great care with the environment. This is shown by the fact that the polyurethane insulation is injected without using CFC’s, and the most ecological refrigeration gases are used. All of our units are designed to make the most of storage space and to save a maximum of energy.

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