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Mainho S.L. has been a maker of hostelry machinery for 30 years. It specialises in gas barbeques with non-burning cools and in roasting grills. The latter are of rectified plates of hard chrome. We have been developing during this time new techniques of design and aesthetics which have always been in the forefront of the sector. Our success is guaranteed by the constant introduction of our new products at a national as well as international level. That is why we have increased the manufacturing amount of different products in our catalogue. We are constantly carrying out studies and projects, and always take into consideration the suggestions of our friends and clients. That is how we obtained our success in the past and that is how we will guarantee it in the future. Our products are made with the most refined machinery that exists these days. That means, laser cut metal, die-stamping with Numerically controlled punches, galvanising baths that are perfectly studied for the needs of our sector, etc. All of this brings about a high degree of satisfaction for our customers. We also have a completely computerised support system for all that is mentioned here. Absolutely everything is certified according to the latest valid EC guidelines. This means that all the industrial demands in Spain and abroad are met.

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