Barrio San Juan, S/N 20570 Bergara Guipúzcoa

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MARCOS LARRAÑAGA Y CIA., S.A. “LACOR” has been manufacturing kitchenware for more than half a century. We have more than 60 years of accumulated experience in management oriented toward satisfying our customers. This experience has lead us to be leaders in the market and we are currently proud to be able to present a very complete catalogue of hostelry ware products. Products: Stainless steel and aluminium industrial use kitchenware (pans, pots, sauce pans, skillets, frying pans, pressure cookers, etc.). Stainless steel, industrial use kitchen utensils (drainers, strainers, ladles, skimming ladles, mixers, small boilers, platters, trays, etc.). Cafeteria articles (teapots, creamers, coffee pots, ice cube trays, ice cream cups, etc.). Anti-stick articles (frying pans, crepe makers, spits, roasting tins, etc.) Confectionery articles (moulds, rings, trays, rolling pins, nozzles, cloth sleeves, sieves, etc.) Buffet products (Chafing-Dish, Dispensers, Warming plates, fuel gels, etc.). Wrought knives. Gastronorm containers. Shelves. Stainless steel kitchen ware and utensils for domestic use

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