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JEMI, S.A. was founded in 1959 and is positioned as a recognized brand worldwide in manufacturing glasswashing, dishwashing, utensil washing machines, rack and flight washing machines and cooking equipment. Year by year, JEMI has been consolidating the market and is reaching its main objectives of design, quality and production. Proof of it are all products that are leading the market and that have been improved thanks to our customers requirements. With two manufacturing plants located in Barcelona, one branch office in Madrid and more than 40 distributors worldwide is the strong structure that permits to face the demand of the market. PRODUCTS Our product portfolio is divided in three families: 1. Washing equipment (glasswashing, dishwashing, utensil washing machines, rack and flight washing machines) 2. Cooking equipment (fry tops, pasta cookers, cookers, counter tops, bain maries, tilting pans, boiling pans, grills with water, fryers, etc…) 3. Fryers (oil or oil+water)

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