Pol. Ind. La Reva, Textiles, Avda. Hostalers, Nº 2 46394 Ribarroja del Turia Valencia

34 96 1667575

Here at Industria Tecnica Valenciana our target is to satisfy the needs of our customers through high technical capacity, an efficient management system and the use of clean, environmental friendly technology. ITV is a dynamic, professional company with a profound knowledge of the market, and our products and services and a wide experience. ITV’s environmental impact is minimal, since there is almost no waste to be recycled. Any such materials are disposed of according to current EU Legislation: used oil is collected by an authorised recycling company, most paper used in our offices is recycled, water used for testing machines is treated and recycled (500% reduction in our water consumption), and lastly we have gone to great trouble to re-design all our machines so that they are filled with ecologically-friendly R404a instead of the old CFC’s. Qualified employees, rapid adaptation to new management technology, sales network expansion, R&D, new production facilities, flexible production lines and quality control assurance are some of the factors which have contributed to ITV becoming one of the world’s most competitive and prestigious companies.

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