C/ Buscarons, Nº 15 Bjo 4º 08022 Barcelona

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For over 10 years, we have been developing custom made solutions in order to satisfy the daily needs of chefs in top gastronomy.

We have 2 business areas clearly differentiated, kitchen tools and appliances and the newly developed of premium food and beverages.

Chefs are our best partners at both ends. With them we are able to develop our tools and appliances and also to gather the finest products, and it’s themselves than then put our offer to trial and test, so that we make sure that the results are what they are looking for. The Alicia Foundation and the Polithecnic Institute of Valencia are a couple of examples of institutions with which we have developed our latest appliances, giving us a better scientific understanding of what goes on daily in a kitchen.

Our new premises in downtown Barcelona include a workshop kitchen where we schedule presentations to salesforces, customer service and a whole range of activities to bring our products closer to their users.

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