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Crystal Line S.A., started out in the distribution of equipment for the hotel and catering industry at the beginning of the 90s. With drive and effort it positioned itself as a company in the sector, representing international brands of great prestige.

Over the years Crystal Line has grown, evolved and embarked on new projects, thus fulfilling the strategy set for the expansion of the company. The most ambitious project was the one carried out in 2012 when Crystal Line stopped being just a distributor of equipment for the Hospitality Industry and became a Manufacturer.

Nowadays, our Corequip cases have made a niche for themselves in the market, as customers value not only the quality and robustness of the product, but also the modern and innovative design that has led to an evolution in the image of the display cases.

In the future, Crystal Line will continue to evolve and take on new challenges both as a distributor of major brands and as a manufacturer, developing new products and following a strategy of expansion in international markets


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