Ctra. De Navata A Ordis, S/N 17772 Ordis Girona

34 972 507250

García de Pou, catering and Restaurant Equipment sector, “Innovation, Quality Service, the Art in Disposables”. Established in 1884, the firm García de Pou is nowadays exclusively dedicated to the supply of hotel trade products (catering) with the edition of an annual catalogue of 250 pages. The company is considered to be one of the main distributors to the south of Europe. · Employees: The firm employs a total of 200 people. · Products: Our products are all kind of accessories & non-food articles for the catering industry, specialized in disposable products. · Sales Force: Four agents in France, 1 in Portugal,1 in the UK, 1 in the USA and 30 agents in Spain. We always wish to offer the best and fastest service to our customers. Good value is the main characteristic of our products. • PRODUCTS : (Standard & customized ) White and coloured napkins, different qualities, Paper tablecloths, Table mats, Coasters, Cardboard products, Refreshing mini-towels, Amenities for hotels, Paper bags, Platic bags, Paper wrapping and industrial rolls.

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