Pol. Ind. San Miguel, C/ Río Martín, Nº 6 50830 Villanueva de Gállego Zaragoza

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Araven is a company dedicated to design, production and commercialization of plastic products for the hotel and food industry. Why choose Araven?

1.- Araven has extensive market experience: since1976. 2.- The quality of their products is well known by the most prestigious kitchens in Europe. 3.- Because Araven products have been designed in collaboration with chefs, their design is functionality oriented. 4.- Araven products have been designed according to the most stringent food health and safety recommendations (APPCC/HACCP), in collaboration with expert consultants in this field. 5.- Araven invests in innovation, incorporating the latest advances in materials, production processes and production systems into their products. 6.- Araven products are designed for professional use and enable greater professionalism in the sector. 7.- Araven offers advice to customers with the purchase of products, adding value to their distinctive benefits. 8.- Araven provides high quality and personalised customer service: Our success is based on your success.

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