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AFEHC Releases 2017 Guide to Companies

November 2016

The Spanish Exporting Manufacturers Association for the Hospitality Industry (AFEHC) presents a new edition of its directory of member companies. Hospitality & Catering Equipment 2017 showcases the members of the association of Spanish exporting manufacturers of equipment for the hospitality and catering industry. 

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Sponsored by ICEX Spain Trade and Investment, the publication is the visiting card of the AFEHC member companies on the international scene. Complimentary copies are distributed at trade fairs all over the world where the association participates.

The 48-page Hospitality & Catering Equipment 2017 provides an introduction in Spanish and English on each company, a photograph of their products and contact details. The companies are classified in 16 different business sectors in 10 languages (Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic): cooking equipment; auxiliary cooking equipment; ventilation and air-conditioning; storage and distribution; ware washing; refrigeration equipment; bar equipment; cookware and tableware; laundry and dry cleaning; cleaning and hygiene; furniture and furnishings; vending and self-service; fabrics and clothing; disposables; security, control and management systems, and turnkey projects.

FROM: Felac Innova magazine